July 16, 2011

Henry Rollins has lost his tattoos!
Draw some new ones to cheer him up! 


Henry Rollins has lost his tattoos!

Draw some new ones to cheer him up! 

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June 13, 2011
This is my next home on the web!

If you didn’t hear on Twitter, I’m joining the team at This is my next and I’m stoked.

Dieter was also the man behind some of the biggest and best communities on the web, and we couldn’t be happier to lean on that expertise while we’re building our new site. He’s also an extremely snappy dresser

Man, I gotta buy some new pants.

June 2, 2011
So I’m leaving Smartphone Experts

Today is my last day at Smartphone Experts. Soon I’ll be heading out west to California where, like so many before, I’m going to make a new beginning and a new life.

I don’t know how many posts I’ve written since Marcus Adolfsson hired me on full time with SPE almost exactly five years ago, but I do know that I’ve helped build a set of seven smartphone communities, each a leader in its space and led by amazing editors, dedicated writers, and whip-smart members.

SPE is a network with nearly seven million unique visitors every month that will continue to do great things. Kevin Michaluk, Phil Nickinson, Rene Ritchie, Daniel Rubino, Derek Kessler, Matt Miller, and Annie Latham will keep on doing what they do best: running some of the most helpful and informative smartphone sites on the internet.

I’m also grateful to everybody in our smartphone communities, from moderators to members. It’s been wonderful watching and helping these forums, Twitter communities, and commenters prove that smartphone users aren’t just consumers, but instead real humans helping humans with their technology, becoming friends, and building awesome stuff for these gadgets.

I’m proud and humbled to have taken part in building SPE to where it is today, to have worked with everybody here, to have met so many and learned so much.

It’s time for me to move on, though. The past five years have been incredible and I’m happy to say I’ve achieved many of the goals I set forth for myself. My goals for the future just happen to be different. Kevin Michaluk will be taking over many of my responsibilities at Smartphone Experts, you can reach him at kevin@smartphoneexperts.com.

I’ll be taking a couple weeks off to disconnect from the internet in a way I haven’t done since I started this crazy ride. After that I’m absolutely going to stick around and stay involved in technology. As I’ve had to write on PreCentral more times than I can count: stay tuned.

If you’d like to contact me, you can find me on Twitter as @backlon or you can email me at dieterbohn at gmail.

May 3, 2011
Looking back on creative work…

…almost always feels like Frank describes it:

in my case I am slightly frightened by how effortless some of it seems. I know that it wasn’t effortless though. I know that I was terrified and often depressed in the making of these shows

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April 8, 2011
What the press is for

"So that’s what the Press is for: The reduction of fuckery."

Poor Mojo

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